Home Bookkeeping 05/03/84

Home Bookkeeping 05/03/84
Home Bookkeeping" is designed for accounting home finance. With "Home Bookkeeping" You can keep a record not only of personal finance, but finance his entire family or use it for a small company bookkeeping. "Home Bookkeeping" easy to use and does not require any knowledge of accounting. Despite its ease of use, "Home Bookkeeping" is a powerful, functional and flexible tool for financial accounting. The program interface is intuitive and Russian.

The program has the following features:
- The program can work a few people entering the program under their own names. To ensure the confidentiality of each name can be password protected. Adding, modifying and deleting users is carried out in the User Administrator;
- Accounting for expenses;
- Revenue Recognition;
- Consideration of money given and borrowed;
- Repayment of debt installments;
- Interest on debt;
- Control of debt repayment;
- A reminder for debts;
- Planning costs;
- Planning of income;
- The system of accounts;
- Ability to use up to 5 inclusive rates;
- Preparation of exchange rates from the Internet;
- Exchange Rates;
- Search the database;
- Filter and quick search on the database;
- Export data in more than 15 different formats (Word, Excel, Access, HTML, XML, Paradox, DBase, text file, etc.);
- Data Transfer;
- Synchronize the database;
- Backup;
- Compress the database;
- Cleaning of the database;
- Print data;
- Creating reports and charts;
- Customizing the user interface;
- Download manager "house accounts." Download manager allows you to automatically download "Home Bookkeeping" in your set schedule;
- Updating via the Internet;
- Tips;
- And many other features.

Using personal finance, you can easily monitor the movements of your finances, and the question: "Where did the money?" no longer occur.

List of changes in version 5.1:

• Added a function that produces automatic tuning portable media licenses for non-removable disks;
• Added ability to get currency from the website of the National Bank of Kazakhstan
• Added support for scrolling with the mouse wheel in the history of data transactions on the account in the "Account Details";
• Increased the size of the drop down lists with the accounts in the transfer of funds from one account to another;
• Width drop-down lists in the main window is now saved when you exit the program and restored at the entrance to the program;
• Files "house accounts" now have a digital signature that will positively affect the attitude of anti-virus programs to "personal finance";
• Added function to save the selected fields in the windows export and print;
• If the "Home Bookkeeping" installed on a portable device (USB flash drive on, removable hard disk, etc.), in the root directory of the portable device is now created a shortcut to launch the Home bookkeeping from a portable device;
• Added the ability to see the total amount in the column "Quantity" in the tables of the main window, when the filter. The final amount will be calculated automatically if the column "Units" contains the same value;
• Added the ability to see the total amount in the column "Quantity" in the tables reports. The final amount will be automatically calculated if the report is included in "Quantity", and if the column "Units" contains the same value;
• Fixed bugs.

Download Home Bookkeeping 5.3.84 (7.5 MB)


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