Customer Base Business 3.1

Customer Base Business 3.1
Added: 27.01.2009
Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
License type: ShareWare
Price: 8,000.00 rubles.
Developer: Technical Control Systems Ltd

Functional, CRM network system consisting of a set of programs. Functional programs in the customer base, will allow you to store all the information about your customers (organization, contact person, contact) in a single database file, run a variety of reports, implement e-mail newsletter, create manual and automatic reminders to consider the transaction, lead history to sign the agreement, and exactly and track overdue accounts by reconciling the Treaty, to distinguish between the rights of users to share the organization's level of priority to create jobs for employees, and more.
One of the advantages of the program complex customer base is very simple and intuitive interface, ie time spent on work study programs are minimal. In addition, the price of the CRM system is small, and paying the complex once, you can set it outside the program for an unlimited number of locations, ie You unnecessarily pay for each job separately.

Download Customer Base Business 3.1 (54.3 MB)


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