Electronic registry 3.4.12

Electronic registry 3.4.12
E Reception - Program for automated recording of a doctor's appointment or a private specialist with the ability to confirm the records and sending SMS notifications.
- The program can be used as stand-alone on the operator and distributed, enabling customers to be recorded via the Internet.
Such requests come to the operator for confirmation and approval, and the client is sent uvedomelenie by email and SMS.
- Information Processing Call
The complex contains all the necessary tools for adding or editing information on records, and allows you to monitor the extent to which the received calls. If you cancel or postpone the recording, the patient is automatically sent SMS notification.
- Printing and scheduling doctors appointment
Print a handy tool scheduling recordings month for each doctor allows physicians without connecting to the system, to record their own customers. Print reports on a sample of call log entries.
- Caller
When a call comes in, the system determines the number of the incoming call and automatically displays information about the caller to the operator: address, policy, age, previous treatment.
- Recording and wiretaps
Recorded phone conversations automatically assigned to the right applications. Listening to a single click and can be done from any workstation with the program on the local network.
- Communication system users
Opportunity to convey important messages to all services and clinics connected to the program.

Download E registry 3.4.12 (23.5 MB) 


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