Warehouse production UP 0.2.863

Warehouse production UP 0.2.863
Inventory accounting - easily, quickly, for free!
You need to adjust the account of the company? How nice it would be to find this simple, compact, and most importantly - free software! Out there! Welcome - your reliable assistant, smart, knows his business and does not require the payment program "Midis Soft Warehouse production UP"!

Any entrepreneur or even the head of a small production, putting yourself out targets, and clearly understands what is good and accurate records are largely dependent business success. Some people have a small business, first try to keep a record of using tables and other simple methods. But with time comes the understanding that this type of work do not have complete control, data may be lost, so it is best to store them in the database of a special program.

Ideal - easy to understand and easy to use program "Midis Soft Warehouse production UP".

What are the advantages of the program:
1. It is intuitive and easy to use.
2. Can be used for different types of accounting for stock.
3. "Warehouse production UP" - a completely free program.
4. Suitable for all operating systems equally (Windows, Linux Mac OS).
5. You can work online and locally on the same computer.
6. Method used in the program "Client-server" allows you to work on multiple computers at the same time with a single database.
7. Calculated on a huge range of materials and finished goods (more than five thousand titles). With any number of items the program will work as quickly as possible.
8. The "Warehouse production UP" multilingual. You can translate any text program in English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or any other language.
9. The program is provided with the module editing of printed forms.

Functionality of the program:
- Monitoring minimal residual stock.
- Ability to assign a picture to a product or material.
- Consideration of receipt to the warehouse on overhead.
- This product is divided into groups.
- Checkout.
- Automatic cancellation of goods from the warehouse and provision of goods to the customer on a separate warehouse.
- Internal displacement between warehouses.
- Any number of warehouses.
- Two units of one commodity.
- Each product can consist of separate parts. Formulation of the goods.

Download Warehouse production UP 0.2.863 (6.5 MB) 


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