"Product-Money-goods" - a trade warehouse program for integrated control of the activity of wholesale, retail, wholesale and retail trade enterprises and the other - from the kiosk to the supermarket.

The program allows for and execute all kinds of retail and warehouse operations, consider the funds and monitor the settlements with customers, maintain all necessary documentation and generate a variety of reports.

Key features:
- Consideration of incoming goods.
- Automatic calculation of the cost of goods inclusive of all expenses.
- Making the goods receipt for the selected warehouse (point of sale).
- Set up to ten retail, wholesale, additional costs.
- Work with the kits.
- Moving goods from one warehouse to another.
- Sales in the retail, wholesale, on the balance.
- Backup product.
- Returns the vendor to retail, with the invoice.
- Formation of applications providers.
- Write-off of goods.
- Control of settlements with clients. Accounting debts and debtors.
- Consideration of cash on hand and on cashless settlement bank accounts all transactions relating to income or expenditure of funds are recorded in the program.
- Maintain all necessary primary documents: payment orders, bills, invoices, receipts, invoices for the sale of goods, acts of works, overhead on the transfer of goods from warehouse to warehouse, overhead debit product, the overhead for a refund from the sale and refund the supplier , book sales and purchases.
- Development of analytical reports: arrival of goods at the warehouse, sales of goods with automatic calculation of profit for any period, the remains of the goods in our warehouses, debts and debtors, price lists and others.
- Ability to change the default and create new forms of documents (reports).
- Doing all the necessary background information: details of firms, commodity information, units, etc.
- The use of any other currencies.
- Imports of goods directory MS Excel.
- Export documents to MS Excel.
- A search of the necessary information in the program.
- Ability to work with cash registers.
- Logging of change, which reflects all the operations that produced any of the users in the program.
- Saving and restoring data.

Download Product-Money-Goods (9.4 MB) 


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