Instant Business Network 4.7.52

Instant Business Network 4.7.52
Instant Business Network - is a user-friendly web portal for project management and collaboration employees on common goals, processes, documents.
Solution significantly increases the efficiency of work, daily work orders and significantly reduces the cost and time on routine business protsessyVklyuchaet modules project management, process management and coordination of documents, agricultural economics incidents (helpdesk).
Project Management System (EMS) includes a simple and convenient tools for project management. Project management unit (IBN Project Management) is part of the software allows you to automate and IBN project work company. IBN Project Management includes all the necessary planning tools and project management tools and unique data exchange projects with MS Project.
Business Process Automation: harmonization of documents, contracts, task management, control project execution, orders, decisions, documents. Accounting staff time, reports executive discipline. Work remotely (online while in the trip, vacation).
Single portal for communication, interaction, collaboration and storage of corporate information. Common projects, calendars, forums, discussions, online conference. The joint document editing. Own instant messaging client.
Incident Management module and applications, IT-services and infrastructure. Suitable for services IT, technical and service customer support. Allows processing service company internal incidents.

Download Instant Business Network 4.7.52 (34.3 MB) 


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