Google Earth

Google Earth
Program that allows a computer to receive images of different parts of the globe by satellite. Its programmers develop Google. Zoom, you can see the whole Earth and the house where you are at this moment. You can specify the route of the camera and see how to get to this or that object. When you change the scale of the Internet pumped desired picture, so no need to upload all the pictures, because their volume is calculated terabytes. It is possible to write the necessary space for the subsequent fast access to them. Google Earth can be used in educational, scientific and other purposes. The program is a huge database of geographic features of the Earth. Since the program operates on three-dimensional objects, it is quite demanding on computer resources.

Computer from:
- Pentium 3, 500Mhz
- 128M RAM
- 400MB disk space
- Network speed: 128Kbits/sec

Download Google Earth (24.3 MB) 


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