LeaderTask Company Management 7.7.3

LeaderTask Company Management 7.7.3
LeaderTask Company Management is a system of personnel management, control orders, managing projects, tasks and contractors. Remote work. Reliability. Simplicity.

LeaderTask Company Management - a simple, reliable CRM system for employee management, project management, customer relationship, and to store all corporate information.

You can assign tasks directly from your mobile device: laptop, tablet, smartphone based on Android, and iPhone / iPad.

The program serves to:
-Effective management of employees over the network, distribute tasks among employees, set deadlines, monitoring performance, monitoring results.
Maintain your customer database (CRM system): the history of relationships with customers, sales history, detailed information on the client.
-Storage of your corporate information: reports, documents, files, notes. Providing access to certain employees the right information.

What do you get if you use LeaderTask Company Management:

1. Improving the efficiency of the manager: no hectic, predictability, risk reduction, at any time the supervisor has an accurate picture of the state of affairs, more free time, managing employees outside the office via the Internet.

2. Increase employee productivity: the lack of "I forgot," "I do not know", "I did not have time", reducing delays, missed deadlines, no more hectic.

3. Increased work discipline, everyone knows what to do, is responsible for what, and there is always someone to ask.

4. Improving the efficiency of the interaction of the team: the ease of communication through internal chat, a quick scan of communication history, the history of the discussion of the problem, reducing the time to find the desired document file.

5. Unified storage of corporate information: all the necessary information is on the server has access rights for employees and at the same time secure.

Download LeaderTask Company Management 7.7.3 (10.3 MB)


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