Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies [BETA]

Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies [BETA]
Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies [BETA]|165 MB


It is a universally acknowledged truth, that a single man with a good fortune is looking for a wife.
This is how Jane Austen's most beloved novel, Pride & Prejudice, starts. Published almost 200 years ago, this novel has seen many adaptations over the years.
Now, Pride & Prejudice is the first title from an entire series of fully featured Hidden Object adventure games, all available under the collective banner, Hidden Anthologies. 
Closely following the plot of the book, the Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies game involves many of the much loved characters and provides you with new perspectives to both the gaming genre and the story.
Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies [BETA]
key features of "Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies":

· Beautifully rendered scenes, emotive music and compelling narrative driven gameplay. The game will appeal to fans of all ages, but especially to the millions of Jane Austen devotees around the world.
· Core Hidden Object gameplay, with many scenes incorporating creative adventure elements. Help look after Jane while she is ill at Netherfield and make tea for a nervous pre-proposal Mr Darcy.
· Character scenes, featuring a period sympathetic hand-drawn style, with flowing narrative and key plot points.
· Various 'Pastimes' pop up throughout the game to break up the gameplay. Such as torn letter jigsaw puzzles, spot-the-difference, Picross style Cross Stitch patterns and a Pianoforte music challenge.
· Further taxing gameplay modes include cryptic object descriptions and deviously hidden pieces of Elizabeth's diary. Luckily a comprehensive hint system will aid you if needed.



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