Sp.A.I Epic Demo (PC)

Sp.A.I Epic Demo (PC)
Sp.A.I Epic Demo (PC)

The final version of the demo presented at Epic Games studio. Demo puzzles and brief game instructions included within the levels.

In the near future, the online world decides the fate for reality. He who controls the digital controls all of humanity. In this battle for information enter Aiva, a hacking program that does battle on the information super highway, whose task is to access the enemy’s mainframe and shut it down. Sp. AI is a 3rd person puzzle platformer where the player takes control of an Artificially Intelligent infiltration program called Aiva, whose abilities range from hacking systems, cracking fire walls and toying with security protocols. Game-play Pillars: 1. Seamlessly fitting puzzle that flow smoothly from on to another. 2. Real time problems that make you think on the spot. 3. Turn based strategy that makes you think 3 steps ahead. Sp.A.I Is a third year project of 5 students at the Queensland University of Technology.



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