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TilePahelika: Revelations Demo

Description: Pahelika: Revelations Demo

A fantasy adventure puzzler for the PC, Pahelika: Revelations lets the player adventure as Sudesh Budkoti, intrepid adventurer and current holder of the magic book, Pahelika. Sudesh Budkoti is a veteran adventurer who managed to get his hands on a powerful magic book. Strangely, once he got the book, he started feeling uneasy. Things only got worse when he started having nightmares. Worried, he decided to investigate the circumstance surrounding his last adventure. The investigation led to a discovery that is as terrifying as it is surprising: mankind is under a grave threat, and Sudesh himself is the epicentre...

Pahelika: Revelations lets the player experience Sudesh̢۪s journey to redeem himself and to confront the danger, and perhaps in the process, to learn something more about himself. The gameplay of Pahelika: Revelations is based upon exploration and puzzle solving. Indeed, while exploring the world of Pahelka: Revelations, the player will come up against obstacles or puzzles often. To get past the obstacles, the player will have to piece together clues from his/her environment. The clues may come from observation, logic, or simply talking to other individuals.




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