Warhammer 40000 Space Marine-SKIDROW

Warhammer 40000 Space Marine-SKIDROW
Here is SKIDROW with Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine for PC, the real deal! They are slow with this game.. but it’s finally there.
In Warhammer® 40,000® Space Marine® you are Captain Titus, a Space Marine of the Ultramarines chapter and a seasoned veteran of countless battles. A millions-strong Ork horde has invaded an Imperial Forge World, one of the planet-sized factories where the war machines for humanity’s never ending battle for survival are created. Losing this planet is not an option, but a darker and far more evil threat is lurking large in the shadows of this world. With an Imperial liberation fleet en-route, the Ultramarines are sent in to hold key locations until reinforcements arrive. Captain Titus and a squad of Ultramarine veterans use bolter and chainsword to take the fight to the enemies of mankind .
Warhammer 40000 Space Marine-SKIDROW
Warhammer 40000 Space Marine-SKIDROW
Warhammer 40000 Space Marine-SKIDROW
Warhammer 40000 Space Marine-SKIDROW
Captain Titus of the Ultramarines has fought for the Imperium for more than 150 years. Although considered a relatively young Space Marine, he is a decorated veteran of major campaigns waged across the galaxy – his exploits have earned him a reputation as one of the mightiest Ultramarines. Over his long service, Titus has overcome countless opponents and suffered many wounds, both physical and psychological. In his earliest days, he struggled to overcome his own temper. Later, he survived the death of his entire squad at the hands of a Chaos Sorcerer; Titus killed the fiend, but suffered terrible wounds — and some questioned how he survived. Titus became company commander when his predecessor died in battle. He was by his mentor’s side when he fell, and still feels the weight of taking over his mantle.

Publisher: THQ
Developer: Relic Entertainment
Genre: Third-person action RPG
Release Name: Warhammer.40000.Space.Marine-SKIDROW
Size: 7.51 GB
Links: NTi | NFO

Download: From wupload


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