Global Ops Commando Libya-RIP-BLACKBOX

Global Ops Commando Libya-RIP-BLACKBOXGlobal Ops Commando Libya-RIP-BLACKBOX

Description: Global Ops: Commando Libya puts players in a US special unit that must stop a bomb deal from taking place while having to recover the bomb. You find out that a notorious Russian Mafia boss and weapons dealer has an atom bomb for sale. You and the CIA learn of his plans to sell the bomb to the Libyan ruler. You must gather your team to stop a potential terrorist attack against the US. Global Ops: Commando Libya features dynamic third-person action with a large array of modern weapons. There are nine single-player levels and about eight hours of gameplay. Additionally, you can experience multiplayer on six maps with nine other players. Play through diverse mission styles, including urban warfare, vehicle combat, and guerrilla action.

Dynamic 3rd-person action with an array of realistic, modern weapons
Realistic and exotic settings including Greenland, North Africa and Libya
Stunning graphics using Unreal 3 technology
Nine huge levels in single player campaign
Up to ten players can compete against each on six all new maps that have been optimized for multiplayer mode
Diverse missions: urban warfare, vehicle combat, guerrilla tactics and pursuit

Publisher: Kalyspo Media
Developer: Spellborn
Genre: Action
Release Name: Global.Ops.Commando.Libya-RIP-BLACKBOX
Size: 1.6 GB

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