The Blackwell Deception v1.0-TE

The Blackwell Deception v1.0-TE
TE released an action adventure “The Blackwell Deception” for PC. The Blackwell Deception is a welcome addition to one of the most enjoyable adventure game series ever made. 9/10

Description: The Blackwell Deception is the fourth game in the Blackwell series from Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye games. Gilbert has established himself as a prominent indie game developer and publisher, receiving both commercial success and critical acclaims for his retro styled games. Games such as Bestowers of Eternity, The Shivah, and Emerald City Confidential explores ghostly and mystery themes that he also explores in the Blackwell series. As a masterful story writer, Gilbert has brought back classic adventure gaming in his own inimitable style. The Blackwell Deception is a must play game for all fans of the Blackwell series and all fans of adventure games.

Release Name: The.Blackwell.Deception.v1.0-TE
Size: 310 MB


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