Valhira Brotherhood Addition v1.0-TE

Valhira Brotherhood Addition v1.0-TEValhira Brotherhood Addition v1.0-TE

Description: Valhira is a massive RPG created for people whom want to experience a deep, rich and meaningful RPG.Valhira is based on 3 years worth of lore. This is just the first game to give an insight into the world. Valhira manages to invite players into a huge realm with over 300 well designed maps, custom sprites, custom HUD, custom music, carriages, player owned home and allowing players to sail across oceans, battle in the arena, cook, fish, quest, join secret guilds, grow crops and much more. Valhira is the new standard of sandbox RPG’s. This is, Valhira.


300 places to explore
unique menu system
battle in the arena
hunt for your dinner
join secret guilds
grow crops
Release Name: Valhira.Brotherhood.Addition.v1.0-TE
Size: 266 MB
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