Hard Reset-SKIDROW

Hard Reset-SKIDROWHard Reset-SKIDROW

Release Description:
Hard Reset transports players to a haunting, dystopian future, with humanity on the verge of extinction, confined to its last standing city and under constant threat from the robotic hordes that aim to annihilate mankind. Only one human city remains–the bastion of Bezoar. It’s here that Major Fletcher takes to arms against the robot hordes.
Hard Reset-SKIDROW
Hard Reset-SKIDROW
Hard Reset-SKIDROW

A haunting cyberpunk / dark sci-fi setting
Fast-paced, old-school shooter gameplay
Hordes of enemies to destroy
Epic boss fights
A deep, experience-based weapon upgrade system
High-fidelity graphics with full dynamic lighting
Extensive use of physics and dynamic environments

Publisher: Flying Wild Hog
Developer: Flying Wild Hog
Genre: Indie, Action

Release name: Hard.Reset-SKIDROW
Size: 3136MB in 66F
Links: Homepage iGN Gamespot NFO



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