Emily the Strange Skate Strange-FANiSO

Emily the Strange Skate Strange-FANiSOEmily the Strange Skate Strange-FANiSO

Emily’s cats are on holiday! Visit them one after the other in Paris, London, New York and Moscow. Each cat has nine lives, or levels can you make it to the end?
Emily the Strange Skate Strange-FANiSO

“Emily the Strange” exclusively on PC and Mac
Exhilarating skateboard action
36 levels in the style of “Emily the Strange”
Level design based on the characteristics of Emily’s cats: Neechees “World of Chaos”, Miles “World of Creativity”, Sabbaths “World of Fire” and Mysterys “World of Stars”
Extended PC level editor lets you play your own levels
Release name: Emily_the_Strange_Skate_Strange-FANiSO
Size: 172 MB
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