Trucks and Trailers-TiNYiSO

Trucks and Trailers-TiNYiSOTrucks and Trailers-TiNYiSO

TiNYiSO group have released new truck simulator game: “Trucks and Trailers”. There is also ripped version of game released by Unleashed.
Description: From the developers of the phenomenally successful Euro Truck Simulator, UK Truck Simulator and German Truck Simulator comes Trucks & Trailers! Put your Truck driving skills to the test in Trucks & Trailers! Complete basic training and set on the way to master the wide variety of challenges that lie ahead. Manoeuvring these huge vehicles is not easy especially when you are up against the clock. Make sure you deliver those valuable goods in pristine condition – your reputation depends on it! Compete against the clock to complete intricately designed courses and tasks that put you firmly into the driver’s seat. Can you avoid obstacles whilst reversing a trailer? Do you have the lateral thinking required to sort a series of trailers in the yard into their correct positions?
Trucks and Trailers-TiNYiSOTrucks and Trailers-TiNYiSO
Trucks and Trailers-TiNYiSOTrucks and Trailers-TiNYiSO
As your skills increase upgrading the difficultly level will guarantee that there is always a task that will put you and your truck to the ultimate test! At the highest difficulty setting external camera views are disabled, forcing you to manoeuvre like the pro’s using only in cab-mirrors. A test that will award you the gold medals and the honour of being a real trucking titan!

Release Names:
Size: 464.42 MB
Links: NFO, Homepage
Download: ISO | RiP, Torrent Search


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