Storm Frontline Nation-RELOADED

Storm Frontline Nation-RELOADEDStorm Frontline Nation-RELOADED

Well known scene group RELOADED released Storm Frontline Nation for PC. This is a turn-based strategy game with a lot of possibilities and features. Read the NFO and enjoy!
Description: Storm: Frontline Nation is a turn-based strategy game situated in a near future Europe. Unprecedented war is upon us. Former alliances have withered and every nation is now on their own. Nationalism and militarism dominates the politics, which has allowed sinister leaders to take charge. Secretly they build their armies and make up plans how to annihilate their enemies.
Storm Frontline Nation-RELOADED
Storm Frontline Nation-RELOADED
Storm Frontline Nation-RELOADED
Frontline Nation consists of two different gameplay levels, a strategic and a tactical. The strategic level is where the player manages production, diplomacy, research and coordination of military forces. The tactical level offers the player full control of its military units in a dynamically created hexagon-based battlefield. Form alliances with important nations, and honour them as long as they serve their purpose as you conspire to game control of over 45 countries.

The world is your battlefield
Strategic and tactical gameplay modes
20 customizable units
Research and development – Weapons of mass destruction?
Dynamic tactical battlefields
Advanced diplomacy system
Covert Operations
Release Name: Storm.Frontline.Nation-RELOADED
Size: 2.06 GB


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