Digitanks RIP-Unleashed

Digitanks RIP-UnleashedDigitanks RIP-Unleashed

Digitanks is a turn-based artillery strategy game developed by indie game studio Lunar Workshop. It modernizes the artillery genre with a strategy aspect in a 3D environment. Tactical thinking is also crucial as the player controls anything from a single unit to a large fleet of tanks. Play offline skirmishes or online battles against your friends, or enemies.
Six months ago a team of Lunar Workshop’s hottest game designers locked themselves in a room. With no food and no sleep they resolved not to come out until they had created the finest artillery-based strategy game ever. They were nearly done when an intern spilled his coffee on it, so they strung him up by his drawers and started over.
The result was the newest version of Digitanks: the Artillery Update. Command a fleet of tanks against up to 7 opponents in the Artillery game mode. The new version introduces 14 weapons and 4 all-new terrain types in a fast-paced, no-holds-barred fight to the death. Careful scientific studies observed a forty-fold increase in activity in the “fun factor” area of the brain of video game playing lab rats.
But the core of Digitanks is its Strategy game mode. Build a base and produce specialized units to explore terrain, fight against hordes of enemies, expand your network, and strive to conquer the Digiverse. Where Artillery mode grants instant explosions, Strategy mode’s depth and complexity create a fundamentally different game. In a completely unrelated development, the Lunar Workshop team has formally renounced all responsibility for side effects of exposure including but not limited to sleep loss, neglect of personal hygiene, and delusionally shelling enemies with the new artillery units.
Digitanks RIP-Unleashed

Digitanks RIP-Unleashed
Better Everything – From the Rogue’s ability to slip behind enemy lines while cloaked to the Resistor’s new Fragmentation Ray, the Artillery Update represents an almost total overhaul of Digitanks. Every unit has new abilities, every graphic is revamped, and every game mechanic has a new twist to increase the fun.
No Crud – Our expensive Crud Detectors have scoured every inch of the game, cutting through the crud so you go straight to the fun.
More Awesome – Is there anything else that needs to be said here? Seriously, does anybody even read these bullet point lists? Look, the game’s a ton of fun so you should go to www.digitanks.com and download the demo. If you don’t then you’re just making excuses and your mother wouldn’t approve of that.

Publisher: Lunar Workshop
Developer: Lunar Workshop
Genre: Strategy, Indie
Release name: Digitanks.RIP-Unleashed
Size: 27MB in 6F
Download : FiLESONiC


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