Toy Cars-VACE

Toy Cars-VACE
Toy Cars-VACE

Toy Cars is a top-down racing game developed for the PC and XBox Live Indie Games. It’s been conceived as both a homage and an evolution of classic top-down arcade racers. In it players control pocket-sized vehicles around table-top tracks built from all manner of everyday objects. The game features a Season Mode where players carve out a career by battling your way through multiple races that increase in difficulty. Win and be rewarded with credits that allow you to purchase newer, distinctive and ‘faster’ vehicles and enter new tournaments with ever faster cars. The game also features a Quick Race Mode where players can choose between going solo and race one of the 8 exhilarating tracks, piloting one of the 9 compelling vehicles. They can choose to pit their skills against the clock or take on a pack of 7 AI characters. It also allows for local multiplayer where up to 4 human players can compete in split screen in frantic races with and without AI opponents.
Toy Cars-VACE
Toy Cars-VACE
Toy Cars-VACE
Quick, frantic, crazy races with pocket-size vehicles
Surprisingly familiar retro graphic style
Full featured 3D physics simulation including a deep vehicle handling
8 different tracks divided in 4 locations and built with everyday objects
9 different cars with unique handling that adds a lot of variety to the driving
Compelling Season Mode with a rewarding progression system
Up to 4 players split screen multiplayer races
Support for the keyboard and the Xbox 360 controllers in the PC version

Release Name: Toy_Cars-VACE
Size: 29.5 MB
Links: NFO, Homepage


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