Fate of the Pharaoh [BETA]

Fate of the Pharaoh [BETA]
Fate of the Pharaoh [BETA]| 65 MB| GENRE: BUILDER DASH

Welcome to Egypt! Just as you start playing Fate of The Pharaoh by Cateia Games, you will find yourself in the charming atmosphere of ancient realm. But unfortunately the Egyptian kingdom is in devastation and economic dislocation after regular attacks of the warlike enemies. They have tried to capture ancient Egyptian treasures for centuries. Now you are the Pharaoh's adviser, who is to help your ruler restore the former prosperity of the kingdom. You are awaited by one more absolutely unexpected phenomenon such as aliens' visit! They will teach you how to raise magnificent pyramids. So many surprises, so many challenges and so much to do! Just wait a little for the release of Fate of The Pharaoh game and participate in this captivating adventure!
Fate of the Pharaoh [BETA]



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