Sparky vs. Guttlers [BETA]

Sparky vs. Guttlers [BETA]
Sparky vs. Guttlers (Marble Popper/match3)[BETA]

Travel through the unknown forest, mountains and vast lands, through boiling heat and cold plains. Everyone should get to know themselves, even such little nice creature as our Sparky. Once awaken in the unknown forest Sparky doesn't remember anything neither about his past nor about others of his kind, but he is full of confidence to change the matter of things. With these thoughts, Sparky rushes into forest's depths without realizing the dangers.
The path is swarming with all-hungry creatures willing to feed on our little traveler. razz The goal of the level is to keep Sparky from being eaten by guttlers. To do this, players have to feed guttlers with the creatures of the same color in order to overfeed them and make them explode. As players advance the story, new locations, challenges and modes will be unlocked.
Solve puzzles, survive and advance the story to help Sparky in his quest.
Sparky vs. Guttlers [BETA]
Sparky vs. Guttlers [BETA]| 152.5 mb

Available play modes:
Adventure — Sparky's greatest journey is waiting for you ahead.
Arcade — Rather classic marble popper mode flavoured with unique play mechanic.
Puzzle — In this mode your abilities to solve puzzles will be put to a test. Don't rush! Think Carefully! Aim sharp!
Survival — How long will you be able to survive against the infinite horde of guttlers rushing with knives and forks right towards you?
Guttlers — Would you ever wanted to act like a real guttler? Now is your chance! Use guttlers' most powerful and fearsome weapon — their hunger against every single one of them!
Endless — Relaxing lounge. Just a place to spend some time.





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