Hoard-TiNYiSO |436 MB

Description: HOARD is a game that puts you in control of the real hero of the tales…the DRAGON! Around you, a new kingdom of humans is threatening to put you out of your hoard and take what you have. The only way to maintain your quality of life is to make sure that kingdom doesn’t succeed! If you can steal enough gold from the kingdom, the people will be bound to pack up shop and find some easier place to settle. Attack their wagons! Raid their food carts! Burn down houses! Make them think twice about ever waking you from your peaceful, centuries-long slumber! Of course, burning everything in sight doesn’t get you as much gold as you’d like. Really, you need to let those towns and crops grow just enough to crank out out some real treasure. Then take it! HOARD is an action game about dragons and their treasure from Big Sandwich Games, Inc. Who doesn’t like a big sandwich, and who doesn’t like a great latest pc game?
4 game modes: Treasure Collect, Princess Rush, HOARD (survival), and Co-oP
Over 35 unique kingdoms
Support for 1-4 players
Upgradeable dragons with intense related strategy
Deep rewards system with over 100 Steam achievements
Leaderboards for global gold-hoarding score competition
Charming graphics and bass-thumping soundtrack
Winner: “Best Quick Fix”, Nominated: “Best Competitive Multiplayer” (IGN)

Release Names:
Size: 436 MB (ISO), 252 MB (RiP)

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