Influence-VACE (Size: 30MB)


You are an idea.

Your driving motivation is to spread your idea to everyone. You must cajole, you must browbeat, you must insinuate, and you must influence. Grow your flock of ids and guide them to victory in this casual real-time strategy game. Influence other ids by flocking with them and outnumbering them. Create dramatic soundscapes as each id you influence adds its voice to your song. Play against computer controlled opponents or online against other humans.

Influence is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Each game only takes about five minutes, but you will find yourself playing again and again to learn advanced strategies and techniques. As your skills grow, you can customize your ids to match your preferred style, and maximize your victory potential. Choose between speed, agility, and resistance, or a balance of all three.

Music in influence is dynamically generated during play. Each game has its own unique song, which can be saved and replayed later, or shared with your friends. You can hear the game unfold as you listen to its song, as each influenced id adds a note according to its new color.


  • Fast-paced action requires quick thinking
  • Customize your id to suit your play style
  • Play online with up to seven other people
  • Play offline against six levels of computer opponent
  • Dynamically generated soundtrack means every game sounds different
  • Share game songs with your friends, and hear their games unfold
  • Customize your adversaries to create a specific sound

Release name: Influence-VACE
Size: 30MB
Links: HomepageNFO

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