Infernal Veil I v1.6-DELiGHT

Infernal Veil I v1.6-DELiGHT
Infernal Veil I v1.6-DELiGHT |56MB

The world of Redenda is in danger of a mysterious Shadow Army. The king of Redenda sends a cry for help and adventurers brave the might of the Shadow Army. At the same time, a woman from the distant land of Endraynal arrives in Redenda with a pure heart, and a courageous soul. Can she make the difference in the battle?
Infernal Veil I v1.6-DELiGHT
  • A new and expansive battle system
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Immersive Story Telling, and Characters
  • Classic RPG Feel/gameplay
  • Skill system that allows further character customization
  • Every treasure is random, leading to a unique experience every game play
  • Easy to learn system and controls!

Release name: Infernal.Veil.I.v1.6-DELiGHT
Size: 56MB in 12F
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