Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy (BETA)

Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy (BETA)
Golden Trails 2 The Lost Legacy (NEW HOG) (BETA)90,6Mb

The lost Legacy is the second title in the Golden Trails series, fantastic hidden object adventure games! In Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy Baron Moore is accused of piracy and condemned to death. Go on an exciting journey through four continents to save your grandfather’s honor and find a ship’s log book. As you dive deeper in the game, you realize that the log is the map to the ancient legacy. Face all the challenges and preserve the family legacy from the insidious villains who would use its might for evil!
Scour fantastic locations to find over 2000 hidden items as you travel from exotic Morocco to rainy England, from Spain to the legendary islands of the Caribbean Sea. Play shooting gallery & puzzle mini-games to go deeper in the locations. Collect stolen things and earn numerous trophies. Explore intriguing storyline and meet unique characters in Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy.
Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy (BETA)Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy (BETA)
* 40 hand drawn locations to explore
* Three game modes, including Secret mission and unlimited mode
* Shooting gallery & puzzle mini-games
* Unique hint system
* 45 marvelous in-game trophies
* Play the original Golden Trails: The New Western Rush

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