White Haven Mysteries V1.0.2543 Collectors Edition Cracked-F4CG

White Haven Mysteries v1.0.2543 Collectors Edition Cracked-F4CG
Genre:Hidden Object | Size :551.19 MB

Imagine waking up in an abandoned building with no idea who you are, suffering the side effects of a mysterious drug. A young girl hints at a mystery that only you can unravel, while a man who may hold the key to your identity taunts you with his experiments, haunting you with every step. A nail-biting hidden object thriller, explore eerie scenes all while testing your wits. It's up to you to find the antidote before it's too late ... and unlock the secrets hidden in White Haven.

Main Game Features
Explore chilling scenes
A nail-biting adventure
Mind-bending puzzles
Twisted storyline
Unique horror experience




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