Cradle Of Egypt Premium Edition 1.0.0

Cradle Of Egypt Premium Edition 1.0.0 | 172.44 MB

Raise one of the greatest civilizations ever known in Cradle of Egypt Premium Edition, the fourth installment of the highly successful series. Take a step back in time to an era before the great Pharaohs and magnificent monuments of Egypt existed. There, you are the one with the foresight to bring all of the tribes together and start building what will become one of the greatest civilizations that humans have ever known. Take the journey and travel through five ancient epochs to build your own Egypt.

Start from a small village and develop your settlement into a most powerful nation through 100 fantastic Match 3 levels. Collect resources then construct amazing structures including the gorgeous Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and more. Enjoy three modes of play, beautiful hand-drawn graphics, great bonuses, challenging mini-games, and over 25 trophies.




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